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School Buses

We operate a school bus service that serves most parts of the city.  These buses operate on a daily basis during term time.

The bus service is convenient and safe for our pupils to use and is competitively priced.

Important points to note

  • By agreeing to purchase a school bus pass, you are entering into an annual contract between yourself and Bellerive FCJ Catholic College and accept our Terms and Conditions
  • Annual bus passes are prioritised for Year 7 pupils and are subject to vehicle capacity limits.
  • It is important to note that the pass is an Annual Pass and that we do not refund the cost for anytime your child does not require transport between September and the end of July.
  • Bus passes for the next academic year will not be issued if you still have an outstanding balance relating to a previous academic year
  • Bus passes must be carried for each journey and can be requested for inspection. Failure to produce a valid bus pass may result in your child being refused travel. If a pass is mislaid, a replacement pass may be purchased via Parent Pay at a cost of £3.00.
  • A Home to School Transport – Code of Conduct will be issued with the pass and pupils are expected to abide by it.  We reserve the right to refuse to carry any pupil who does not comply with this requirement.
  • Bus passes will be posted to pupil’s home addresses during the Summer holidays in time for the return to school in September.

Payment Options

Payment for an annual bus pass is made using GoCardless, our secure Direct Debit facility.

You must set up a new Direct Debit plan for each academic year.

If you choose to pay in instalments the first instalment will normally leave your bank account on the second day of the following month, with nine monthly payments thereafter.  The monthly charge will appear on your bank statement as ‘GoCardless’.

There is no additional charge for payments made by instalments and this facility offers more convenient payments for parents and carers.

Application for an Annual Bus Pass

Applications to request a bus pass have now closed for 2023/24 and all services are now full.

If you wish to be added to the waiting list please email


Please email any queries or comments in connection with our bus services to

School Bus Stops and Timings

Please note that services can inevitably be delayed by traffic. Wherever possible if a morning delay is longer than 10 minutes, we will inform parents of this via electronic messaging (however, this is not always practicable). If the buses arrive at one of the morning timed points early, they will wait at that point until the given time.



Bellerive One
AM Time Direction Location  PM Time
07:30 Start Rice Lane  
  Cont County Road  
  Cont Walton Road  
  Left Kirkdale Vale  
  Left Everton Valley  
  Cont Walton Lane  
  Right Priory Road  
07:45 Left Utting Avenue  
  Right Cherry Lane  
07:53 Right Townsend Lane  
  Left Lower Breck Road  
08:00 Left West Derby Road  
  Right Green Lane  
08:05 Right Prescot Road  
08:25 Left Holt Road  
  Cont Tunnel Road  
  Cont Lodge Lane  
08:35 Finish Bellerive FCJ College  
Bellerive Two
AM Time Direction Location  PM Time
07:25 Start Longmoor Lane  
  Cont Valley Road  
  Right M57 (J6)  
07:40 Exit M57 (J3)  
  Left Stockbridge Lane  
07:45 Left Liverpool Road  
  Right Blue Bell Lane  
  Left Archway Road  
07:50 Right Lathom Road  
  Cont Huyton Hey Road  
  Cont Wilson Road  
07:55 Right Cronton Road  
  Cont Tarbock Road  
  Right Archway Road  
  Left Rupert Road  
08:05 Cont Western Avenue  
  Left Page Moss Lane  
08:10 Right Pilch Lane  
  2nd Exit East Prescot Road  
  Cont Prescot Road  
08:20 Left St Oswald Street  
  Cont Rathbone Road  
  Cont Wellington Road  
  Cont Gainsborough Road  
  Left Smithdown Road  
  Right Ullet Road  
08:35 Finish Bellerive FCJ College  
Bellerive Three
AM Time Direction Location  PM Time
07:35 Start Acrefield Road (Kings Drive Bus Stop)  
  Cont Speke Road  
  Cont Woodend Avenue  
  Cont Western Avenue  
07:50 Left Hale Road  
  Left Eastern Avenue  
  Left Millward Road  
07:56 Right Penketh Drive (Morrisons)  
  Left Speke Boulevard  
08:00 Left Banks Road  
  Cont Church Road  
08:07 Cont Woolton Road  
  Left Long Lane  
  Cont Brodie Avenue  
08:20 Left Rose Lane   
  Cont Elmswood Road  
  Left Mossley Hill Drive  
  Cont Aigburth Drive  
08:35 Finish Bellerive FCJ College  
Bellerive Four
AM Time Direction Location  PM Time
07:30 Start Halewood Road (Halewood Way Bus Stop)  
  Cont Mackets Lane  
  Left Higher Road  
  Left Baileys Lane  
07:35 Left Church Road  
  Left Okell Drive  
  Left  Lydiate Lane  
  Right Gerrards Lane  
  Cont Wood Lane  
  Left Caldway Drive  
  Cont Childwall Valley Road  
07:45 Stop Belle Vale Shopping Centre  
  Right Chelwood Avenue  
  Left Bowring Park Road  
  Left Rocky Lane  
07:55 Cont Thingwall Road  
  Right Childwall Road  
08:00 Left Church Road North  
  Cont Church Road  
  Left Allerton Road  
08:15 Right Rose Lane  
  Cont Elmswood Road  
  Left Mossley Hill Drive  
  Cont Aigburth Drive  
08:35 Finish Bellerive FCJ College  
Bellerive Five      
AM Time Direction Location  PM Time
07:25 Start Walton Hall Avenue   
07:30 Right Townsend Avenue  
  Left Queens Drive  
  Left Muirhead Avenue  
  Cont Muirhead Avenue East  
07:45 Cont Oak Lane  
  Right Croxteth Hall Lane  
  Right Deysbrook Lane  
  Cont Melwood Road  
  Cont Barnfield Drive  
07:50 Left Eaton Road  
  Left East Prescot Road  
08:00 Right Dovecot Avenue  
  Cont Campbell Drive  
  Cont Thingwall Hall Drive  
  Cont Thomas Drive  
08:05 Left Queens Drive  
  Right Allerton Road  
  Cont Smithdown Road  
  Left Ullet Road  
08:35 Finish Bellerive FCJ College