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Year 11 Group Notices

Our year theme is based on the theme of the ‘Wizard of Oz’ and following the ‘Yellow brick road’ to success by taking it one step at a time. We believe that every Year 11 pupil has their unique individual gifts and they must aim to show them through hard work , determination and motivation. They may face a few challenges and setbacks along the way, but we will keep them on the correct path.

We encourage excellent standards of academic achievement, behaviour, attendance and punctuality, which are rewarded regularly during assemblies on a half termly and termly basis.

Year 11 is a most important year as pupils will take their GCSE examinations. The Year 11 team will support and nurture the pupils to ensure that they achieve the highest standards possible. Attendance is a key theme and it is essential that all Year 11 pupils understand the importance of attendance and how absences can affect overall GCSE grades.

Head of Year, Assistant Head of Year and Form Tutors

Head of Year Miss McCourt

Assistant Head of Year Miss Rider

Form Tutors:

11A  Miss McGinn

11M  Mr Carney

11R  Mrs Rannala

11S  Ms Winstanley

11T  Mrs Marquez

11J  Mrs Walker