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Year 12 & 13 Uniform

Sixth Form is more relaxed than school with more freedoms available for 16-19 students to express themselves. Guidance on our expectations is shown below.


We have a uniform for 16-19 students as outlined below:

  • A black blazer with green lapel piping and Bellerive crest is compulsory for all pupils Y12-13 throughout their time in Sixth Form. These are available from School Trends
  • A black skirt or pinafore, both with a pleat, worn on or about knee-length.   Girls may also choose to wear a pair of tailored trousers. Jeans, tracksuit bottoms and overly tight designs of trousers are not allowed.
  • Girls may wear a school tie with a white collared shirt or a revere collared blouse.
  • A dark coloured (navy or black) overcoat or raincoat may be worn to and from school. A coat is an optional item; this does not replace the blazer which is compulsory.

Jewellery & Makeup

  • Jewellery is permitted, but must be subtle. Any jewellery that is deemed too large will in the first instance be asked to be removed.
  • Piercings are permitted, but again they must be subtle – for example nose piercings are to have a stud or small piercing.
  • Make-up, including false tan, is permitted to be worn in school by Sixth Formers, as are false eyelashes, false/shellac/acrylic nails, nail varnish and French manicures.

Mobile Phones & Gadgets

  • Mobiles phones, smart watches, laptops and tablets are permitted to be used.  They should only be used in lessons when instructed so by the teacher
  • Please note also that smart watches are not allowed to be worn during assessments and examinations.