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Year 12 & 13 Uniform

Sixth Form is more relaxed than school with more freedoms available for 16-19 students to express themselves. Guidance on our expectations is shown below.


We have a uniform for 16-19 students as outlined below:

A black blazer with green lapel piping and Bellerive crest is compulsory for all pupils Y12-13 throughout their time in Sixth Form. Blazers should only be bought online from our official supplier (this will be available to purchase/order on GCSE results day when you enrol)

· A black school jumper or cardigan, with embroidered Bellerive crest, is optional for all for students in Years 12 and 13. Jumpers/cardigans without the Bellerive crest will not be allowed. Jumpers and cardigans should only be bought online from our official supplier

· Girls may wear a school tie with a collared shirt or a revere collared blouse. School ties should only be bought online from our official supplier

· A black tailored skirt worn at knee length or below or black tailored trousers. Jeans, tracksuit bottoms, pinafores and overly tight designs of trousers or skirts are not permitted.

· A dark coloured overcoat or raincoat may be worn to and from school. Short, bomber style jackets are not allowed. Fur, leather and suede coats/jackets (real or imitation) may not be worn to or from or in school. A coat is an optional item; this does not replace the blazer which is compulsory.

· Black or Green plain scarves are allowed to be worn coming to and from school, and whilst in school must be removed as per the coat as above.

· School shoes should be flat and black in colour. High heels and steel tipped shoes are not permitted. Trainers must not be worn, except for PE lessons. Boots, i.e. footwear that goes above the ankle bone., are not permitted.

· Plain white or black ankle socks or ¾ length socks. Socks above the knee are not permitted. Plain black tights may be worn. Shiny or patterned tights are not permitted. Socks worn over tights are not permitted

Jewellery & Makeup

  • Jewellery is permitted but must be subtle and business like.
  • Any jewellery that is deemed too large will, in the first instance, be asked to be removed.
  • Piercings are permitted, but again they must be subtle – for example nose piercings are to have a stud.
  • “Smart watches” such as iWatches are permitted to be worn in school, however as with the Sixth Form
  • Make-up, including false tan, is permitted to be worn in school by Sixth Formers, as are false eyelashes, false/shellac/acrylic nails, nail varnish and French manicures. As with jewellery, we would ask that pupils apply make-up etc. with subtlety, as they would be expected to in most professional workplaces. If this is not the case for an individual pupil, they will be advised by a member of the Sixth Form Team to amend (e.g. if false nails are so long that they could scratch other pupils/impede work on a computer keyboard/calculator or are luminous/florescent in colour a pupil may be asked to remove them/tone them down).
  • · Extreme hairstyles and colours are not permitted. Hair must be of a natural colour

Mobile Phones & Gadgets

  • They can only be used for communication in either the Bistro or Sixth Form LRC (not in lessons or used walking around the school site). Please note also that smart watches are not permitted during assessments and examinations