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Advice for parents about Summer Clubs

Advice for Liverpool City Council about Summer clubs arranged by a private company

Dear Parents and Carers

We have become aware of a series of transition events arranged by a private company inviting students from different schools together during the month of August before they start at their new secondary school. These events have not be arranged by the Liverpool Secondary Headteachers’ Associations nor have we been consulted about them. As we have not commissioned these activities we have not checked the safeguarding arrangements or ‘approved’ these events.

Parents are, of course, free to choose which clubs and activities their child attends. The following information may support your decision making:

Advice to parents/carers and families about their engagement of clubs and activities that are not organised by the school

Many parents or carers enable their child/children to attend clubs and activities that aren’t organised by the school. Parents and carers may find the following useful to support them to assess the suitability of the arrangements:

Guidance for parents and carers on safeguarding children in out-of-school settings

 Information for parents choosing an after school club, community activity or tuition