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Free Parents' Courses

NINE fantastic online courses are available for parents and carers

Dear parents and carers.

Take advantage of this pre-paid, locally funded offer, Access code: PURPLEBIN. Create an account (or sign in), and start learning, GO!

93% of parents who completed the course said  ‘Understanding Your Child’ was helpful.

92% of parents who completed the course said  ‘Understanding Your Child with additional needs’ was helpful.

97% of parents who completed the course would recommend ‘Understanding Your Teenagers Brain’.

  • 'I really like these courses. I think all parents could benefit from them.'
  • ‘You don't actually realise what is going on in your child’s brain, this course helped, every parent should do this, i wish i'd done it sooner!’
  • ‘It is great to know that I am not alone as a parent and that what I am experiencing is normal. I can now try to understand why my teenage daughter and son behave how they do and rather than react badly, try to understand and react positively. Thank you!’
  • ‘It's a very good course, I learnt at lot! I liked the, 'science' and reasoning behind [their] behaviour and thinking. I also liked that the course was in modules and I could leave at any point and come back to it when I had more time. Thank you, a grateful parent’