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Practical Info

Practical Information

Sixth form students follow the same school day as the rest of the school.  They are expected to be in registration at 8.45am and we have an assembly every week for the whole year group.  Where students are not timetabled to be in lessons, they are expected to be in supervised study.  A register is taken for supervised study in the same way as would be the case in normal lessons.  Our sixth form students also have 2 periods of enrichment each week.  In addition each student has a lesson of Religious Education each week.  As an FCJ school, we see our role as a vehicle for faith formation as essential and so students all work on a programme of study in partnership with the Archdiocese of Liverpool.  Students will have the opportunity to gain a qualification for their efforts in this programme.

Sixth form students are expected to communicate with school if they are going to be absent.  This can be done via the main school telephone number.

Sixth form students are expected to wear the full sixth form uniform ( details of which can be accessed underneath) and we look to them to set an example in this regard.  We do allow sixth form students to bring mobile phones to school.  These are not allowed to be switched on or accessed during lessons, supervised study and in public areas of the school where younger students may be.  Students in the sixth form are asked to show responsibility in this regard as the privilege of having a phone in school is not available to any student in Year 7 to Year 11.

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