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This year, Bellerive FCJ has been working towards gaining the ‘Liverpool Counts’ Quality Mark.​  We are delighted to announce that we achieved the Silver award.  Our staff, students and governors are delighted with the award.

The aim of the Quality Mark is to tackle the negative attitudes towards numeracy and mathematics which has unfortunately become socially acceptable. ​

As a school, we aim to challenge these views by promoting a culture where students understand how good numeracy skills can impact on all aspects of their lives, from their qualifications they will attain in school, to their employability later on.​

Please see the links below for our latest numeracy challenge:

Easter Maths Hunt

Puzzle 3

We supported the NSPCC’s Number day on 1st February:

NSPCC Number Day

The image below shows Bellerive in numbers:


We understand that numeracy can often be daunting, and it is very easy to say “I can’t do maths” or “I’ve never been very good at maths”, but its not so easy to say “I can’t read”. Well there is no difference! So from today make a promise to yourself that you will no longer say “I cant…” and start to work towards building your confidence in numeracy. Imagine how that would make you feel?​

​As a school, we are promoting the National Numeracy Challenge. By visiting their website, you can easily make yourself an account and take part in the challenge! You and your family could get involved together as there are many questions. You can save and sign out at any time so you can return when you have more time. ​

The best part is all of the questions are linked with every day maths and if there are any parts you get wrong, the website provides help and support so that you can brush up on the maths you learned in school. ​

​This would be a fantastic way to show your child that maths is nothing to be afraid of – and what better way to build your own confidence in maths. ​

​You get a certificate at the end of the challenge – if you send this in to

Want to take your maths skills to the next level or refresh your memory?​

​Liverpool learning services offer many courses, free of charge, at a centre near you!​

​You can learn everything you need to know to sit a higher or foundation paper for GCSE mathematics, or learn to apply your skills in a maths functional skills course.​

​Why not prepare yourself for your daughters GCSE maths exam and enroll onto a course today.​


​Numeracy Leaders

Our first numeracy leaders have now met and have created a range of exciting puzzles to help us engage with numeracy in a range of interesting ways.  Please see the link below for further details:

Bellerive’s numeracy puzzles

​We are still keen to hear from students who have a love of mathematics who would be prepared to give up some of their time to ​

  • Attend regular meetings to organise and discuss numeracy events​
  • Help to run our TT Rockstars lunch time club​
  • Promote numeracy  to tackle negative attitudes​

Please let your Maths teacher or Mrs Rimmer-Howward know if you are interested in getting involved

TT Rockstars

Just like learning to walk before you can run, learning the times tables are building blocks for other maths topics taught in school such as division, fractions, algebra and many more. Students who have not learned their times tables will find these levels of maths much more difficult than they need to be. 

Students who have often not mastered their times tables can quickly fall behind and lack confidence in maths lessons: we don’t want this to happen. Instead we want all of our students to be confident with their multiplication facts to so that they are equipped in maths lessons, but also in their daily lives. Times tables are everywhere changing quantities in recipies, working out savings in a sale or working out their estimated time of arrival on a trip. Knowing times tables can help students perform mathematical tasks quickly and with little stress. 

To help our students, we have signed up for TT Rockstars. 12,000 schools across the country are part of the online sensation.

For more information and to see how its done, visit​​

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