GCSE Reform

Students in Year 11 sitting GCSE exams in English and Maths in summer 2017 will complete examinations for reformed GCSE courses.  They will receive grades ranging from 9 to 1, rather than A*-G.  All other GCSE subjects will be graded from A*-G.

Students in Year 10 will sit reformed GCSE examinations in summer 2018 in the vast majority of their subjects.

Students currently in Years 7, 8 or 9 will sit reformed GCSE examinations in all subjects.

The reformed GCSE examinations are designed to be more challenging in terms of content and grading demands. Students have been prepared for these changes through revisions to our assessment processes and curriculum content.

Please see the link below for additional advice and guidance on reformed GCSE examinations:

Changes to GCSE exams

Department of Education advice about GCSE changes

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