Bellerive FCJ Catholic College working in partnership with Careers Connect and Liverpool Compact, is committed to providing a planned programme of Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance for all students throughout their time within the school. We recognise Careers Education and Guidance provides a major contribution in preparing young people for the opportunities, responsibilities and experience of life.

Our lead teacher for careers is Miss SJ Power.  She can be contacted via

It is our aim that all pupils leave Bellerive with an awareness of what they, as individuals, have to contribute to the world of work, combined with the skills, confidence and motivation to make the most of the opportunities that lie ahead.

The pupils follow a planned programme of activities to enable them to gain the knowledge, understanding, skills, attitudes and attributes required to make informed choices about different pathways available to them and to enable them to manage their careers and sustain employment throughout their lives.  We monitor the impact of the careers programme via regular discussions with students, staff and providers.

Links are made within the local community with local universities and business to raise aspirations and opportunities for all pupils.  Our programme is reviewed on a regular basis following each student experience.

Please see below for our provider access policy and provider access request form

Provider Access Policy 2018

Provider Access Request Form

Year 7 & 8

Delivered through a series of PSHE units, pupils start to recognise and identify which of their skills would be required in different sectors of the world of work. Pupils evaluate their strengths and weakness and begin to set targets to develop their skills in preparation for the future. Guest speakers from Barclays Life skills are invited in to inspire and encourage ambition and broaden horizons.

Year 9

Pupils are encouraged to explore the different pathway opportunities available through their GCSE Option selection process. Support is given to all pupils to ensure that each pupil makes informed decisions through PSHE units, the use of KUDOS software and a ‘Women in Business’ Workshop. Pupils are encouraged to be proactive about their future and actively seek advice and guidance.

Year 10

Pupils are given the opportunity to develop their employability skills in preparation for entering the world of work. The programme is delivered through an Enterprise Day workshop, completion of 2 weeks Work Experience and by undergoing an Employability Interview, to give each pupil realistic experience, for which to build upon as they identify and recognise their skills.

Year 11

Each pupil in Year 11 receives a 30 minute Independent Careers interview from our Careers Connect School based advisor. Future plans are discussed, giving each pupil an individual action plan for their future pathway after Year 11. Pupils are actively encouraged to use the Connected Portal to access a wide range of information gaining a better understanding of the education, training and employment progression opportunities available to them. Through PSHE units the pupils build and develop their Progress Files and CV’s in preparation for interviews and entering the world of work.

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