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Our curriculum

Our curriculum

The aims of Bellerive FCJ Catholic College are:

  • help everyone within a caring community to grow in faith
  • respect and value other cultures and faiths
  • make the most of every given ability
  • enjoy and achieve personal growth and academic excellence
  • prepare pupils for their adult life, playing a full part in a modern global society

Our curriculum operates in the context of our FCJ charism and values which place companionship, dignity, excellence, gentleness, justice and hope at the core.

Our curriculum operates within a framework of:

  • Integrity: we will deliver more than simply examination outcomes. We educate the whole person ,in communion with our catholic faith, to enable them to play their full role in the modern world
  • Proportion: our curriculum will strive to ensure the most appropriate and most ambitious pathway for every student
  • Clarity: Students will understand why they are studying what they study and will understand how their current study programmes will progress during each year they are with us

As a catholic school, Religious Education and formation forms an integral part of our curriculum.  Faith formation goes beyond the RE syllabus into the other taught and untaught aspects of the life of the school.  Particular emphasis is given to collective worship and liturgical experiences at key times in the church calendar.

We are conscious of our wider responsibilities to civic society in terms of teaching British values and ensuring our students are given clear messages about the dangers of radicalisation and staying safe. Our curriculum will also ensure that our young people are aware of the dangers in modern society and how to keep themselves safe in their daily lives and on line. Our curriculum will provide opportunities for young people to understand these issues in a safe and age appropriate manner.

Please click on the link below to access our current curriculum policy:

Curriculum Policy

Curriculum information for each subject can be accessed  below.  Subjects are constantly reviewing the content of their curriculum and updated maps and associated resources will be added on a regular basis


Maths Curriculum Map

Y7 Home Learning Support Maths

Y8 Home Learning Support Maths

Y9 Home Learning Support Maths


English Curriculum Map

English Curriculum KS4 and KS5

Y7 English

Y8 English

Y9 English


Science Curriculum Map KS3

Biology Curriculum Map

Chemistry Curriculum Map

Physics Curriculum Map

Year 7 Science resources

Cells, tissues and organs Y7 summary PPT

7A Cells overview

Reproduction Y7 summary PPT

7B Reproduction overview

Chemical Substances Y7 summary PPT

7C Chemical Substances overview

Particles Y7 summary PPT

7D Particles overview

Forces Y7 summary PPT

7E Forces overview

Energy Y7 summary PPT

7F Energy overview

Year 8 Science resources

Food and Energy Y8 Summary PPT

8A Food and Energy Overview

Environment Y8 Summary PPT

8B Environment Overview

Chemical Patterns Y8 summary PPT

8C Chemical Patterns overview

The Earth Y8 summary PPT

8D The Earth overview

Waves Y8 summary PPT

8E Waves Overview

Forces and Space Y8 summary PPT

8F Forces & Space Overview

Year 9 Science resources

The Healthy Body Y9 summary PPT

9A The Healthy Body Overview

Genetics and Evolution Y9 summary PPT

9B Genetics and Evolution Overview

Metals Y9 summary PPT

9C Metals Overview

Chemical Reactions Y9 summary PPT

9D Chemical Reactions Overview

Matter Y9 summary PPT

9E Matter Overview

Magnetism & Electricity Y9 summary PPT

9E Electricity and Magnetism Overview



RE Curriculum Map

RE Year 7 Scheme of Work

RE Year 8 Scheme of Work

RE Year 9 Scheme of Work



French Curriculum Map

French Y7 Scheme of Work

French Y8 Scheme of Work

French Y9 Scheme of Work

French resources KS3

French resources KS4

Spanish Curriculum Map


History Curriculum Map

History Y7 Scheme of Work

History Y8 Scheme of Work

History Y9 Scheme of Work

Government and Politics Curriculum Map

Geography Curriculum Map

Geography Y7 Scheme of Work UK

Geography Y7 Scheme of Work Making Connections

Geography Y7 SOW Africa

Geography Y8 Scheme of Work Physical Processes

Geography Y8 Scheme of Work Ecosystems

Geography Y8 Scheme of Work Asia

Geography Y9 Scheme of Work Russia

Geography Y9 Scheme of Work Changing Economies

Geography Year 9 Scheme of Work Tectonic Hazards

Geography Y9 Scheme of Work Glacial Landscapes

Geography GCSE Y10 and Y11 Scheme of Work

Geography A level Scheme of Work Human 1

Geography A level Scheme of Work Human 2

Geography A level Scheme of Work Human 3

Geography A Level Scheme of Work Physical 1

Geography A level Scheme of Work Physical 2

Geography A level Scheme of Work Physical 3


Design Technology is delivered in a carousel in Y7 and Y8 comprising Food, DT, Textiles and Graphics.  Art is a stand-alone lesson in Y7 and Y8.  In Y9, students have the ability to chose a DT/Art related subject for a term of study. 

Art curriculum map

Year 7 Art Scheme of Work

Year 8 Art Scheme of Work

Year 7 DT Scheme of Work

Year 8 DT Scheme of Work

Year 9 DT Scheme of Work

Year 7 Graphics Scheme of Work

Food curriculum map


PE Curriculum Map

KS3 Athletics

KS3 Badminton

KS3 Cricket

KS3 Dance

KS3 Fitness

KS3 Football

KS3 Gymnastics

KS3 Handball

KS3 Netball


KS3 Rounders

KS3 Sports Hall Athletics

KS3 Tennis


Music Curriculum Map


Business Y10 and Y11 Curriculum Map

Business Y12 and Y13 Curriculum Map

We have created half-termly breakdowns of subject content for each subject via a series of curriculum booklets for each year group and these will be refreshed on a regularly basis.  Please see below for Year 7-11:

Curriculum map Year 9

Curriculum map Year 8

Curriculum map Year 9

Curriculum map Year 10

Curriculum map Year 11

Additional information on subjects studied at KS4 ( Year 10 and Year 11) can be found below:

Year 10 and 11 subject information

and for the sixth form, in the Sixth form section of the website.

Students in Year 7 are taught in mixed ability form classes in all subjects except for Maths and French/Spanish.  Decisions around setting are made in the autumn term and are subject to regular review.

Students in Year 8 and Year 9 are taught in mixed ability form classes except for Maths, Science and French/Spanish

Students in Year 10 and Year 11 are setted in Maths and Science only.  Mixed ability groups run across all subjects in the sixth form.

We operate a 2 week timetable at Bellerive.  Each week of the academic year is referred to as either week A or week B.  This change has allowed us to make some important curriculum changes and offers us the potential for further flexibility in our future curriculum planning.  Parents are asked to support the college in ensuring students are aware which working week it is at any one time and to ensure that students have the correct books and equipment for each working day.

Please note that our IT facilities are available to students for independent study from 8am to 4.30pm each day.

Please contact contactus@bellerivefcj.org should you require more information about the curriculum followed by students.


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