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Admissions documentation

Admissions documentation


Thank you for taking an interest in Bellerive FCJ Catholic College. Follow the links for more information and application forms. Please note that Bellerive’s application form must be submitted to the college as well as the LEA form. 

Admissions Policy 2022-2023 

Admissions Application Form for September 2022 

Admissions Policy 2021-2022

Please apply online to Liverpool City Council.

 Admissions Application Form for September 2021

 Charging and Remissions Policy


Parents and carers choose to send their girls to this popular and oversubscribed school from all over Liverpool


What do our Parents,Carers and Pupils think about Bellerive?
Kirkland Rowell parent and pupil surveys took place, with over half of all our parents responding.


The following were just some of the things rated outstanding about Bellerive:


  • Developing a pupil’s potential;
  • Caring/approachable attitude of teachers;
  • Happiness of child;
  • Treating all pupils fairly and equally;
  • School discipline/good behaviour;
  • Looking after pupils well;
  • Community spirit;
  • Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Development;
  • Understanding and respect for different cultures;
  • Control and prevention of bullying;
  • School security and safety.


All pupils also completed the survey and concur with the findings of the parents’ survey:


The highest standards of outstanding performance as perceived by the pupils are:


  • Happiness
  • Community Spirit
  • School discipline
  • School facilities
  • Availability of resources
  • Promoting racial harmony
  • Control and prevention of bullying
  • School security and safety
  • Caring/approachable attitude of teachers
  • Treating all pupils fairly and equally
  • School discipline/good behaviour
  • Developing self confidence/self esteem
  • Attitude of non-teaching support staff
  • Safeguarding




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