Student Remote Learning FAQ's - Bellerive School

Student Remote Learning FAQ’s

Please find the below commonly asked questions during remote learning.

To access your school emails you can log in to outlook via Office365 online;, using your school email address to log in or alternatively download the Outlook application from the relevant App store if using a mobile device.

Bellerive FCJ uses Microsoft Teams for a remote learning environment. Again Teams can be accessed via Office365; using your school email address to log in or download the teams application via;

Teams lessons will be ran as per your normal timetable and you are also expected to be logged onto TEAMs for morning registration at normal time.

At the start of the week check your calendar in TEAMs to plan your day/week ahead.

School work is set on Show My Homework;, browse to your lesson and view any set homework/class material.

Every pupil at Bellerive will get a license to download Microsoft Office applications for free to install on their devices (GeoBooks from the government are u

nable to install Office on as these are managed by the government).

  1. To do this browse to and sign in with your school email address and password.
  2.  Click on 'Install Office' highlighted in the red box in the image below.

3. Then click on the new drop down option 'Office 365 apps' As shown in the image below.

4.  Once the installer has downloaded to your device, double click the file to start the install.

5. Now follow the on screen install instructions pressing next when asked to on the install process.



As the government issued laptops do not come with Office installed or allow us to install office you might be wondering how to open a word/excel/powerpoint document on one of these devices, just follow these steps;

  1. Again browse to and sign in with your school email and password.
  2. Now you are logged into Office365 online which will allow you to run online versions of Microsoft Word, excel or PowerPoint. On the left hand side of the screen you will notice the icons for the Microsoft applications along the left-hand side of the screen as shown in the screenshot below.

3. To upload a document to work on click on 'Upload and Open' Which is found in the upper right hand corner of the page as shown in the image below.

4. Now a window will pop up on the screen, you will need to browse to the location of the document you wish to open. If downloaded from SMH this will likely be in your downloads folder.

Now you can work on the document and save either to the One Drive to access at school or save a copy onto your device.

Emailing them using your Bellerive email address would be the best way to get in touch with your tutor/teacher.

You can get in touch with your tutor/teacher via email or you can email the schools IT Helpdesk at

When getting in touch please state Asset tag on the machine (green bellerive sticker) and as much detail into the issue as possible, someone will get back to you via email with a response.

Surveys have already been undertaken to determine if broadband routers where required at the start of the pandemic. However if you find yourself in this position please get in touch with your Tutor and we will if possible try and rectify this either by sourcing the equipment or issuing paper based work to pupil. Its vital the school knows this though if you are in this situation.

Teachers are keeping to your normal timetable so if you had English Period 1 then you will be expected to be on Microsoft Teams at this time to partake in a live/recorded meeting. Attendance is monitored by your teacher.

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