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Remote Learning Planning 

Decisions around asking a group of students to work remotely will be communicated by the school in a timely fashion to students, parents and carers.  Students and parents are reminded to check their emails on a regular basis.

We have been planning within departments and across the school for how best to manage remote learning should groups of students be asked to work remotely due to the ongoing Covid-19 restrictions.  We have invested in a number of online resources for students as listed below:

Online resources 

  • Show My Homework 
  • GCSEPod 
  • MyGCSEScience 
  • Doddle (until July 2021) 
  • MASSOLIT (A level Eng Lit, History, Psychology) 
  • Kerboodle

Other online resources have been used by staff including BBC Bitesize and the Oak Academy suite of online lessons.

Students have been provided with all relevant passwords and are asked to contact their teacher or the IT support team should any problems emerge.

The essential elements of how remote learning will work are set out below:

  • Show My Homework will remain the single point for recording and sharing all remote learning tasks.   
  • Microsoft Teams will be the single point of interactive remote engagement through whole group sessions/teaching remotely 
  • Work will be set lesson by lesson as per the school timetable for an individual student 
  • A Microsoft Teams session  for each class each week Students will be emailed about the time of the Teams lesson or details will be added to any tasks on Show My Homework
  • Tasks will be manageable and achievable within the given lesson time (and homework time if applicable) 
  • Tasks set on Show My Homework will provide details on how work should be submitted
  • Appropriate and regular feedback will be provided on any work submitted

Please see below for some additional remote learning support resoruces.  More information about the broader curriculum can be found in the ‘Learning and Curriculum’ section of the website.

Y8 Home Learning Support Maths

Y9 Home Learning Support Maths


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