Coronavirus planning - Bellerive School

Updated 20/10/2021

Bellerive is following all advice given about Coronavirus by the Government and Public Health England very closely. This advice is updated regularly and is available to view here.

Our latest risk assessment following the September opening can be read below:

Risk assessment for protection from transmission of Coronavirus at Bellerive FCJ v27

Coronavirus Catch up premium: Coronavirus Catch-up Premum – March 2021

Equality Impact Assessment: operating during a pandemic:   Equality Impact Assessment – March 2021

REPORT PUPIL COVID-19 TEST RESULTS – click the link below            Privacy Notice for Parents – April 2021


21/10/2021 – Letter to Parents – half term

20/10/2021 – Robin Hood Letter 

08/10/2021 – Letter to Parents – 08.10.2021      Inclusion across Education in Liverpool flyer      RP155-1b Acon Flowflex step by step guide to self test (Instructions for use) (1) (1)

24/09/2021 – Important Covid updated measures letter to parents – 24.09.2021

17/09/2021 – Letter to Parents from Mrs Howlett

17/09/2021 – Y11 letter to parents re Covid measures

15/09/2021 – Autumn Book Fair 2021

14/09/2021 – Confirmed Covid Letter to Parents – 14.09.2021

10/09/2021 – Letter to Parents from Mrs Howlett – 10.09.2021

30/08/2021- Start of Year Letter from Matt Ashton & Steve Reddy

24/08/2021 – Letter to Parents – Y8 -13

23/08/2021 – Year 7 Letter from Mrs Howlett – 23.08.2021

02/08/2021 – Y13 Exams Results Letter

02/08/2021 – Y11 Exams Results Letter

17/07/2021 – Letter to Parents – 16.07.2021

15/07/2021 – Letter from Steve Reddy & Matt Ashton – 15.07.2021

15/07/2021 – Confirmed Covid Letter to Parents – 15.07.2021

13/07/2021 – PE kit letter – including leggings

09/07/2021 – Late Start Monday 12th July – Letter from Mrs Howlett

08/07/2021 – Letter re School Uniform 2021-2022

08/07/2021 – Confirmed Covid Letter to Parents – 08.07.2021

25/06/2021 – Letter to parents re onsite testing

22/06/2021 – Confirmed Covid Letter to Parents – 22.06.2021

18/06/2021 – Letter to Parents from Mrs Howlett re onsite testing

15/06/2021 – Confirmed Covid Letter to Parents – 15.06.2021

28/05/2021 – Y13 Letter from Mrs Howlett

28/05/2021 – Y11 Letter from Mrs Howlett

28/06/2021 – Letter to Parent of Y7, 8, 9 10 and 12 pupils

23/06/2021 – Exams and Appeals letter – June 2021

27.05.2021 – Letter to Parents from Matt Ashton & Steve Reddy – May 2021

24.05.2021 – Confirmed Covid letter to parents – 24.05.2021

18/05/2021 – Steve Reddy – EUSS Letter to Schools

14/05/2021 – Letter to Parents re new guidance – 13.05.2021

04.05.2021 – Confirmed Covid Letter to Parents – 04.05.2021

30/04/2021 – Y11 and Y13 Letter from Mrs Howlett

26/04/2021 – SEND Review Letter        Whole School SEND Leaflet

23/04/2021 – Letter from Mrs Howlett – Reporting Test Results

22/04/2021 – Overseas Travel letter from Matt Ashton & Steve Reddy

22/04/2021 – Confirmed-Covid-Letter-to-Parents-22.04.2021

16/04/2021 – Letter – Jewellery in school – Years 7-11

08/04/2021 – Return to school on 12th April 2021

26/03/2021 – End of term letter to parents

26/03/2021 – Letter from Matt Ashton & Steve Reddy 26.03.2021

25/03/2021 – Letter re Mobile Phones and Smart Watches

23/03/2021 – Confirmed Covid – Letter to Parents – 23.03.2021

18/03/2021 –  Letter re home testing kits

17/03/2021 – Confirmed Covid Case 17.03.2021 – Letter to Parents

16/03/2021 – Park letter from Head of PE

15/03/2021 – Letter re Parking and Pupil Testing Kits

12/03/2021 – Letter to parents and pupils of Years 10, 11, 12 and 13

12/03/2021 – Letter from Mrs Howlett

11/03/2021 – Year 8 Online Parents Evening 2021

10/03/2021 – Confirmed Covid Case – Letter to Parents

08/03/2021 – Letter from Steve Reddy and Matt Ashton

05/03/2021 – Latest Re-opening Letter to Parents

03/03/2021 – School Bus Service Resumption

01/03/2021 – Information letter to Pupils

01/03/2021 – Re-opening Letter to Parents

24.02.2021 – Letter to Parents re School Reopening 08.02.2021

12.02.2021 – Liverpool City Council school additional symptoms letter Feb 2021

08.02.2021 – 1. Letter to Parents & Carers inviting nominations – February 2021 –  2. Nomination Form and Declaration – February 2021  –  3. Timetable of Election of Parent Governors of Bellerive FCJ Catholic College – 2021

05.02.2021 – Letter to Parents – 05.02.2021

05.02.2021 – Confirmed Covid – Letter to Parents – 05.02.2021

29.01.2021 – Letter to parents & carers – 29.01.2021

29.01.2021 – Letter from Steve Reddy and Matt Ashton – 29.01.2021

19.01.2021  – Letter to Parents – 19.01.2021

11.01.2021 – Letter to Parents from Matt Ashton and Steve Reddy

08.01.2021 – Letter from Mrs Howlett – 08.01.2021

07.01.2021 – Letter re BTEC Examinations

05.01.2021 – Lockdown Information Letter to Parents

04.01.2021 – As you will have heard on the news, the Prime Minister has announced another national lockdown tonight. School will be open tomorrow for the Key Worker and Vulnerable children already allocated a place. Remote learning will be provided according to recent letter. There will be further communication from Mrs Howlett tomorrow.

03.01.2021 – Letter to parents regarding remote learning 

31.12.2020 – Letter to Parents – Return to school in January 2021

18.12.2020 – Important Letter regarding school return in January

17.12.2020 – Letter to Parents – December 2020

17.12.2020 – Christmas Holidays School Letter from Liverpool City Council

16.12.2020 – Confirmed Covid-19 – letter to parents

10.12.2020 – Letter to Parents – 10.12.2020

27.11.2020 – Letter to Parents – 27.11.2020

19.11.2020 – Letter to Parents – Mass Testing – 2nd Test

16.11.2020 – Letter to Parents – 16.11.2020

16.11.2020 – Confirmed Covid-19 – letter to parents

13.11.2020 – Y11 PARENTS DAY LETTER (1)

08.11.2020 – Confirmed Covid – Letter to Parents – 08.11.2020

08.11.2020 – Letter to Parents re Covid-19 Mass Testing

05.11.2020 – 1. Letter to Parents & Carers inviting nominations – November 2020              2. Nomination Form and Declaration – November 2020             3. Timetable of Election of Parent Governors of Bellerive FCJ Catholic College

05.11.2020 – Letter to parents re new lockdown procedures and guidance – 05.11.2020

04.11.2020 – Letter to Parents – 7A

03.11.2020 – Confirmed Covid – Letter to Parents – 3.11.2020

30.10.2020  – Confirmed Covid – Letter to Parents – 30.10.2020

26.10.2020  – 26.10.2020 Letter to Parents re confirmed Covid-19

23.10.2020 – 23.10.2020 – Letter to Parents – Confirmed Covid-19

21.10.2020 – Letter to parents re confirmed Covid-19 – 21.10.2020

19.10.2020 – Confirmed Covid-19 Letter to parents – 19.10.2020

12.10.2020 – Important Letter to parents – Confirmed Covid-19 case – 12.10.2020

09.10.2020 – Letter re INSET Day 23.10.2020

08.10.2020 – Confirmed Covid – Letter to Parents – 08.10.2020

07.10.2020 – Letter from Steve Reddy – Director of Children and Young People’s Services, LCC

06.10.2020 – Letter to Parents – 06.10.2020

02.10.2020 – Confirmed Covid – Letter to Parents – 02.10.2020

01.10.2020 – PE KIT LETTER – 01.10.2020

29.09.2020 – Letter from Mrs Howlett – 29.09.2020

28.09.2020  – Letter to Parents – Confirmed Covid information letter

22.09.2020 Important letter to parents from Mrs Howlett

18.09.2020 – Letter to Parents – 18.09.2020           COVID Poster for parents – 18.09.2020

16.09.2020 – Letter to parents – Updated information 16.09.2020

07.09.2020 – Letter re: confirmed case of Covid-19  –  07.09.2020 – Letter to parents

28.08.2020 – Letter from Mrs Howlett to Parents 28.08.2020

28.08.2020 – Letter from Steve Reddy 28.08.2020

24.08.2020Letter to parents

Please see below for the latest information regarding GCSE and A level results:

19.08.2020  –  Y11-Letter-re-Exam-Results-19.08.2020     –     Summer-Grades-Procedure-12.08.2020 (1)     –     Information_for_students_about_malpractice-7-8-2020 (1)

17.08.2020 – Y11 Letter re Exam Results

13.08.2020  –  Summer Grades Procedure – 12.08.2020

10.08.2020 – Y13 Letter re exam results

10.08.2020 – Y13 Exam Results information leaflet

SEPTEMBER RETURN LETTER   –    14.07.2020 – Letter to Parents re September 2020

16.07.2020 – 16th JULY 2020 NEWSLETTER

26.06.2020 – Letter from Mrs Howlett – 26.06.2020

22.06.2020 – Y10 Letter to Parents – 22.06.2020

20.06.2020 – Newsletter 19/06/2020

14.06.2020 – NEWSLETTER – 12.06.2020

09.06.2020 – Letter regarding re-opening – Yr 10 and Yr 12

09.06.2020 – FAQ for Parents on school re-opening – Y12

05.06.2020 – Newsletter 5th June 2020

05.06.2020 – Our Offer in Liverpool June 2020

02.06.2020 – Letter to Parents – 02.06.2020

20.05.2020 – Letter from Mrs Howlett – 20.05.2020

22.05.2020 – 22nd May 2020 NEWSLETTER

15.05.2020 – 15th May 2020 Newsletter

15.05.2020 – Letter from Steve Reddy 15th May 2020

24.04.2020 – Letter to Y11 & Y13 – 24.04.2020

23.04.2020 – Year 12 and 13 Letter from Mrs Howlett – 23.04.2020

Safeguarding – Summer Update 2020

Helpline for Settings Families FLYER

Letter to Parents – 16.04.2020

Letter from Mrs Howlett – 31.03.2020

Help for Families during lockdown 

Well-being resources

The government is advising that we follow these key principles:

  • If it is at all possible for children to be at home, then they should be.
  • You should also do everything you can to ensure your children are not mixing socially in a way which can continue to spread the virus. They should observe the same social distancing principles as adults.
  • If a child needs specialist support, is vulnerable or has a parent who is a critical worker, then educational provision will be available for them, see the letter from our Headteacher, above.

 Anyone who is concerned about their health or experiencing symptoms should check and follow the advice given here.

While we are closed, communications with school will be by email.  Parents may contact Bellerive on Pupils can contact teachers directly using the school email system.

Please see below for the latest from Liverpool City Council:

Schools and Learning : Liverpool City Council


Safeguarding – Summer Update 2020

Helpline for Settings Families FLYER

Any child who is concerned that they are at risk of harm during this period of closure should email to alert a member of staff of their concern. If they have no access to email, they should phone either Childline on 08001111 or Liverpool Children’s Services 01512333700.

Our safeguarding policy has been amended to reflect recent guidance from government.  The annex created to reflect these changes can be accessed below:

Bellerive CP Policy Covid-19 appendix

Merseyside Police are keen to ensure young people are protected from potential child criminal exploitation.  The resources below provide excellent guidance and information for young people and parents on this important subject:

Eyes Open Resource Booklet

Eyes Open YouTube summary

Merseyside Police Eyes Open Campaign

Remote Learning

Please see below for our remote learning plan for June and July:

BFCJ plan for remote learning June 2020

We will continue to provide work for our pupils using the online platforms available to us. Our pupils have received guidance from their teachers on these and this guidance has also been emailed to pupils’ SCHOOL email accounts. If you have a query about usernames and please contact or

Staff are aware that not every student has full IT access at home and that IT access can be unpredictable at times.  Students should not worry if they miss a submission deadline because of these factors.

Show My Homework is the main platform for staff to share work with students and for students to contact staff with queries about their work.  Please note that some activities on remote platforms might not work as effectively when a tablet or phone is being used.  Demand for all online platforms is high at the moment so please be patient.

Show My Homework



Students are asked to email staff from their school email accounts only.  Students are also asked to check their school email accounts at least once a day during the school week.  

Students are asked to adhere to the following Acceptable Use Policy:

Acceptable Usage Policy

Parents may wish to use some of these additional resources to help them during this period of remote learning:

List of online educational resources from the Department for Education

Thrive activities for parents of children up to age 16 –

Exams – GCSEs and A levels for Secondary schools

It has been announced by government that summer exams will not take place. We recognise that students and parents will be concerned about the possible impact of this on their children.  There is further information due from Government and Exam boards and we will update this page as and when it becomes available. This decision is not a school decision and applies to all students in all schools.
Education Secretary Gavin Williamson confirmed:
  • They will not go ahead with assessments or exams this year.
  • Will not be publishing performance tables for this academic year.
  • Would work with the exam watchdog Ofqual to ensure that children get the qualifications that they need.
  • No details on how students would be assessed in the absence of exams
  • That no student would be unfairly penalised by the Government’s approach.
  • There would be an appeal system for those who felt their grades didn’t reflect the work they had put in.

Further information has been made available in recent days.  We will keep you updated as the situation develops:

Latest updates on public examinations 3rd April 2020

School Buses

The Bellerive buses are not running for the duration of this forced closure. There is no need to make further payments of school bus fare and arrangements will be made, in time, to refund any monies due to be refunded to parents or carers.

Free School Meals

Families with children who are in receipt of Free School Meals will be entitled to a weekly £10 food voucher per child whilst the school is closed during term time, which can be redeemed online or in store at ASDA.  To collect the voucher, people should visit their local Children’s Centre from Monday 23rd March. Parents and carers will need to take a letter issued by their school and ID, and vouchers cannot be distributed to children and young people.

If you are in self-isolation and cannot collect please call the centre and they will arrange for it to be posted out.

In the event of your local children’s centre being closed, please call 0151 233 3000 and they will re-direct you to your nearest local centre.

Any family who require further assistance to purchase food, can apply to the Liverpool Citizens Support Scheme.  The scheme is to assist citizens, who may be vulnerable and on a low income, where they are unable to meet their short-term subsistence needs.

School Trips

All scheduled school trips both International and within the UK have been cancelled.  Arrangements will be made, in time, for a full refund of any monies paid for these cancelled trips.

School Business

No deliveries or post will be accepted at this time.  If you have a finance query or invoice, please email

School Site

Our site team are working hard to maintain Bellerive buildings and grounds in good condition until school resumes. If you notice something about our site, contact the team on

Coronavirus Advice

The spread of the virus is most easily avoided through good hygiene.  Regular and effective handwashing or the use of hand sanitiser will limit the spread of any infection see this video.

If you have any concerns about yours or your child’s health, please follow the NHS advice that can be found here.

Please be assured that the health and wellbeing of pupils, staff, parents and carers is our main concern and we will update this page as and when further information becomes available to us.

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