Year 8 Group Notices

Welcome to Year 8

Year 8 Group Notices

Head of Year: Mrs C Sharpe

Assistant Head of Year: Ms N McCourt

8A – Mr M Fyfe

8M – Mrs Louden

8R – Mr A McBurney

8S – Miss S Henderson

8T – Mrs Hayward

8J – Mrs C Taylor/Ms S Graham


Our theme for this year is:

“Making the Right Impression – Putting your Best Foot Forward”.

After completing Year 7 and now fully settled into the routine and demands of secondary school, pupils are more mature and ready to start impressing others through their actions, words and values. We hope this will motivate and inspire our year 8 students to make the right impression within the school community.


Year 8 will have weekly assemblies which will be held on a Tuesday in the Sports Hall.  Pupils should line up in form group, registration order and ready to enter the hall for 8.45am.


Pupil of the Month / Term.

Form Teachers will give goodie bags and certificates to a pupil in their form (3 for the Term Award) who has demonstrated one or more of the FCJ Values in an outstanding fashion.  These are celebrated in a dedicated assembly, along with other subject awards.

Our Pupils’ of the Term were rewarded at our Christmas Rewards assembly as follows:

8A  Megan H, Jessica C and Francesca M

8M  Keira D, Katie McL and Chloe T

8R  Leah C, Elizabeth G and Harriet B

8S  Grace N, Anna J and Megan T

8T  Faye Louise C, Millie T and Naomi L

8J  Holly S, Rosemary G and Paige A

Assistant Head of Year Award:  Maria K – 8R

Head of Year Award:  Hannah Carolan – 8A

Congratulations to all those who received an award at our assembly, and to those who didn’t put your best foot forward for next time!


We recognise the efforts of those pupils who strive for 100% attendance.  They’ll be entered into a termly draw to win a “pizza lunch”.  On a weekly basis, we announce the winning form for the previous week’s attendance; that will receive a certificate for the notice board and sweets too.  Weekly attendance winners are displayed on the year group notice board, thus far 8S are winning the competition.


Fundraising is at the heart of our FCJ Value of Companionship, taking time to raise funds for those in need.  Each form has a dedicated half term to raise funds.  Their efforts are led by the Events Coordinator, but everyone is expected to support the fundraising in some way.  The forms have the opportunity to choose from local, national and international causes, thus serving the mediate through to the global-scale communities.  Half term 4 is always in aid of Nugent Care, in line with other Catholic schools during the time of Lent.

With the support of our School Chaplain, Year 8 donated a large amount of food to the local Food Bank.  The Chaplain organised a “Reverse Advent Calendar”; pupils were asked to bring in specific items of food and other groceries, filling the Advent boxes allocated for each day.

Year 8 Positions of Responsibility

Form Captains:  Hannah C, Keira D, Amelia F, Grace N, Grace C and Holly S.

Vice Captains:  Liby M, Grace H, Leah C, Joy C, Eleanor M and Rachel M.

Events Co-ordinators

Mia J, Maisie C, Amelia F, Olivia R, Evie L and Amber D.

Student Voice Representatives

Jessica C, Katie H, Demi-Louise E, Olivia R, Evie L and Maria C.

The Year 8 team would like to thank these girls, and in particular our form captains who do a wonderful job!

Student Voice

Vice Captains or Events Co-Ordinators will undertake the role of Student Voice Representative, attending meetings each half term with the Assistant Head of Year.  The meetings allow the sharing and discussion of ideas, these ideas/suggestions are then presented to a member of SLT who feedbacks to the year group. Our next meeting is scheduled to take place on Tuesday 16th January. Our Year 8 SLT link member is Mr P Taylor.


Feast Day

We had a lovely morning with a beautiful Mass for the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, celebrated by Fr James. We also had fun in bingo and each form member enjoyed crafts in their form rooms.

 Important Dates for Year 8:

16th January – Student Voice Meeting at lunchtime.

28th Feb – World Book Day and Tens Theatre Company in school.

8th March – Year 8 Mission Day

21st March – Y8 SRE, lessons 3, 4 and 5.

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