Year 7 Group Notices

Our theme for the academic year is New Beginnings.  Each Year 7 pupil has completed their own set of goals for a ‘new beginning’ in secondary school; pupils will re-visit these through the academic year.  Their goals will help to foster the 6 FCJ Values of Companionship, Hope, Dignity, Gentleness, Justice and Excellence.

Year group notice board

Our year group notice board on the ground floor of the Elmfield building is kept up-to-date with notices and other essential information, including the weekly form attendance winners, school nurse dates, details of club the school’s fortnightly mission and seasonal events.

Year 7 responsibilities

Each form votes for their Form Captain, Vice Captain and Events Coordinator at the start of each term.  Each role carries a lot of responsibility; for example, liaising with the Head of Year and Assistant Head of Year each morning to collect messages and relay them to their respective forms, organising the form charity fundraising events and attending the half-termly Student Voice meetings.

Our current post-holders are:


Form Captain: Lydia

Vice Captain: Chloe

Events Coordinator: Angel


Form Captain: Aaliyah

Vice Captain: Monia

Events Coordinator: Emilie


Form Captain: Millie

Vice Captain: Sian

Events Coordinator: Rhianna


Form Captain: Emily

Vice Captain: Laurie

Events Coordinator: Sophie


Form Captain: Hannah

Vice Captain: Mae

Events Coordinator: Abigail


Form Captain: Tilly

Vice Captain: Hollie

Events Coordinator: Jesna

Charity fundraising

Raising funds for good causes is very important; we are demonstrating the FCJ Values of Companionship and Dignity.  Each form has a turn at fundraising:

7T – 2nd autumn term

7A – 1st spring term

7S and 7R together – 2nd  spring term

7M – 1st summer term

7J – 2nd summer term

With the exception of 7S and 7R who will be raising money towards the whole-school charity of Nugent during the time of Lent, each form chooses who to raise funds for.  So far 7T raised over £230 for cancer care and research; 7A have chosen to raise funds for a local charity, Zoe’s Place.

We have also raised £91 for the work of the FCJ Sisters by wearing a Christmas jumper on Feast Day and we have donated a large amount of food to the Food Bank before Christmas.

Student Voice meetings

The Assistant Head of Year meets with the Events Coordinators half-termly to discuss various matters; topics of discussion include: what helps us to learn, how we can keep our school environment tidy and charity fundraising.  Each form has the opportunity to raise their own topics, which are carefully taken into consideration by the Senior Leadership Team and the Head of Year; last term Year 7 were purchased some hula hoops to play with at lunchtime following a request for having some more play equipment.


Year 7 are rewarded for their efforts towards demonstrating the 6 FCJ Values by:

Pupil of the Month certificates and goody bags from their Form Teacher; these are presented in assembly.

Star of the Week praise cards.

Pupil of the Term certificates and seasonal prizes from their Form Teacher, Head of Year and Assistant Head of Year; these are presented in a special end of term assembly.

Plus mark draw, held half-termly; each pupil gets their name in the lucky dip for each 20 plus marks they have received that half term; there are first, second and third prizes of £15, £10 and £5 L1 vouchers respectively.

The pupil with the greatest number of plus marks received in their form each term is also given a prize.

Attendance is also rewarded; for example, 3 names were drawn from all of those pupils who had attended school each day in December, the lucky winners receiving a bag of treats and Smiggle stationery.

Citizenship Breakfasts; half-termly, Form Teachers choose one pupil from their form who has demonstrated excellent citizenship, to receive an invitation to our celebratory breakfast in the dining centre.

Feat Day fun!

We celebrated Feast Day by participating in a special Mass, playing bingo and making Christmas decorations.  We raised money for the work of the FCJ Sisters by donating money to wear a Christmas jumper; some girls even made their own jumpers, complete with baubles!

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