Year 7 Group Notices

Our theme for the academic year is New Beginnings; this theme is represented by a butterfly. Each Year 7 pupil has completed their own set of goals for a ‘new beginning’ in secondary school; pupils will re-visit these through the academic year.  Their goals will help to foster the 6 FCJ Values of Companionship, Hope, Dignity, Gentleness, Justice and Excellence.

Notice board

Our year group notice board on the ground floor of the Elmfield building is kept up-to-date with notices and other essential information, including the weekly form attendance winners, details of clubs, the school’s fortnightly mission and seasonal events.  Each form has a notice board in their registration base too.

Year 7 responsibilities

Each form votes for their Form Captain, Vice Captain and Events Coordinator at the start of each term. Each role carries a lot of responsibility; for example, liaising with the Head of Year and Assistant Head of Year each morning to collect messages and relay them to their respective forms, organising the form charity fundraising events and attending the half-termly Student Voice meetings.

Charity fundraising

Raising funds for good causes is very important; we are demonstrating the FCJ Values of Companionship and Dignity.  Each form has a turn at fundraising:






With the exception of 7S and 7R, who raised money towards the whole-school charity of Nugent during the time of Lent, each form chooses who to raise funds for.

So far, 7T have held cake sales to raise over £100 for Alder Hey and we raised £65 for the work of the FCJ Sisters by wearing Christmas jumpers on Feast Day.

Feast Day fun!

We had great fun on Feast Day!  The day started by making Christmas cards; we then celebrated Mass; the day finished with a few games of bingo.  Many Year 7s chose to wear their favourite Christmas jumpers, donating a £1 for the work of the FCJ Sisters.


Student Voice meetings

The Assistant Head of Year meets with the Events Coordinators half-termly to discuss various matters; topics of discussion include: what helps us to learn, how we can keep our school environment tidy and charity fundraising.  Each form has the opportunity to raise their own topics, which are carefully taken into consideration by the Senior Leadership Team and the Head of Year.  In previous years we have managed to raise awareness of keeping our school environment clean and tidy, in addition to supporting the embedding of study skills and facilitating the purchase of play equipment for the Year 7 yard.


Year 7 are rewarded for their efforts towards demonstrating the 6 FCJ Values by:

Pupil of the Month certificates and goody bags from their Form Teacher; these are presented in assembly.

Star of the Week praise cards.

Pupil of the Term certificates and seasonal prizes from their Form Teacher, Head of Year and Assistant Head of Year; these are presented in a special end of term assembly.

Plus mark draw, held half-termly: each pupil gets their name in the lucky dip for each 20 plus marks they have received that half term; there are first, second and third prizes of £15, £10 and £5 L1 vouchers respectively.

The pupil with the greatest number of plus marks received in their form each term is also given a prize.

Attendance is also rewarded. Forms compete each week to be the winning form for the previous week’s attendance.  We have special incentives at different times of the year: a Smiggle stationery prize draw in December, the possibility of an Easter egg hunt and crafts event in March, and a 100% attendance party at the end of the academic year.


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