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Year 7 Group Notices

Our theme for the academic year is New Beginnings. Each Year 7 pupil has completed their own set of goals for a ‘new beginning’ in secondary school; pupils will re-visit these through the academic year. Their goals will help to foster the 6 FCJ Values of Companionship, Hope, Dignity, Gentleness, Justice and Excellence. Each half term we will focus on one of the Vales, starting with Companionship.

Notice board

Our year group notice board on the ground floor of the Elmfield building is kept up-to-date with notices and other essential information, including details of clubs, the school’s fortnightly mission and seasonal events. Each form has a notice board in their registration base too.

Year 7 responsibilities

Each form votes for their Form Captain, Vice Captain, Numeracy Coordinator and Events Coordinator at the start of each term. Each role carries a lot of responsibility; for example, liaising with the Head of Year and Assistant Head of Year each morning to collect messages and relay them to their respective forms, organising the form charity fundraising events and attending the whole school council meetings.

Charity fundraising

Raising funds for good causes is very important; we are demonstrating the FCJ Values of Companionship and Dignity. Each form has a turn at fundraising. So far we have raised over £150 for the work of the FCJ Sisters in Argentina, thanks to 7S’ cake sale and donations of spare change. During Lent we raise money for the work of Nugent. At other times of the year, forms choose who they want to raise funds for.

Our Feast Day Fundraising  Total  was £143.  This was used to purchase gifts from CAFOD as follows!

7A – goat

7M – bees and a vegetable garden

7R – teaching 2 children to write

7S – 2 trees for life

7T – lama

7J – a vegetable garden, teaching 1 child to write and bees

We also purchased worms and extra bees.  These World Gifts will help people in poorer countries to have a better life, showing our FCJ Values of Dignity and Companionship.

Feast Day fun!

We always have great fun on Feast Day! The day started by making Christmas cards; we then played bingo and celebrated Mass. Many Year 7s chose to wear their favourite Christmas jumpers, donating a £1 for CAFOD World Gifts.


Year 7 are rewarded for their efforts towards demonstrating the 6 FCJ Values by:

Pupil of the Month certificates and goody bags from their Form Teacher; these are presented in assembly.

Pupil of the Term certificates and seasonal prizes from their Form Teacher, Head of Year and Assistant Head of Year; these are presented in a special end of term assembly.

Half termly plus mark awards: each form will have winners for the highest and second highest number of plus marks, receiving a certificate and a small prize; there will also be overall year-group winners. Hard work and demonstrating our FCJ Values will earn lots of plus marks!

Attendance is also rewarded by whole-school initiatives


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