Year 11 Group Notices

Our year theme is based on the powerful motivational quote  ‘Be who God meant you to be and you will set the world on fire’. (Catherine of Siena)  We believe that every Year 11 pupil has their unique individual gifts and they must aim to show them through hard work , determination and motivation.  We encourage excellent standards of academic achievement, behaviour, attendance and punctuality, which are rewarded regularly during assemblies on a half termly and termly basis.

Year 11 is a most important year as pupils will take their GCSE examinations. The Year 11 team will support and nurture the pupils to ensure that they achieve the highest standards possible. Attendance is a key theme and it is essential that all Year 11 pupils understand the importance of attendance and how absences can affect overall GCSE grades.

Sixth form applications are now open.

On Fire Draw winners for HT4
£20 Leah T
£15 Amelia Jai R
£10 Shannon D
£5 Gemma K

FCJ Pupil of the Term awards
11A Holly B, Natassia V B and Ellie J
11M Elle M K, Beth M and Abbie T
11R Shassen D, Cerys P and Derrin A
11S Irine M, Jessica Q and Ellie S
11T Brooke Mc, Gabrielle A and Caitlin F
11J Kevin M, Chloe P and Belle D

AHOY award Ciara C
HOY award Emily O
SLT award Mya F

Year 11 – Positions of Responsibility

Form Captains

11A Alyssa-Mae H

11M Bethan Mc

11R Katie Mc

11S Asha H B

11T Faye M

11J Sophie R

Vice Captains

11A  Ellie J

11M Olivia D

11R Miriam T

11S Honey Mc

11T Isobel Mc

11J  Grace D

Event Coordinators

11A  Emily M

11M Chanel W

11R Derrin A

11S Holly M

11T Aleah S

11J Erin H

Year 11 Assistant Captain

Courtney Mc

Student Voice Representatives

11A  Daisy T

11M Tia L

11R Amelia R

11S Holly M

11T Marni S

11J Erin H

Charity work

Well done to 11S and 11T for their charity fundraising in half term 3 for the Whitechapel Project homeless charity. 11S donated numerous non perishable food items and 11T raised £113.10 through the sale of ‘Lucky numbers’. Congratulations to Laetia O who won the £25 Liverpool 1 voucher prize.

Thanks to 11M for raising £207.80 for ‘Mind’ and 11J for raising over £100 Macmillan in half term 1. 11A and 11R will lead the charity fundraising for this half term. 11R will be fundraising for Rescue Me Animal Sanctuary and 11A for Nugent Care.

Important Dates for Year 11

First GCSE external exam  – 13th May 2019

End of exam celebration – 4th July 2019

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