Year 11 Group Notices

Our year theme is based on  ‘Diamonds’.  We believe that every Year 11 pupil is precious and unique and when put under pressure will sparkle and shine!  We encourage excellent standards of academic achievement, behaviour, attendance and punctuality, which are rewarded regularly during assemblies on a half termly and termly basis.

Year 11 is a most important year as pupil’s will take their GCSE examinations. The Year 11 team will support and nurture the pupils to ensure that they achieve the highest standards possible. Attendance is a key theme and it is essential that all Year 11 pupils understand the importance of attendance and how absences can affect overall GCSE grades.

Throughout Year 11, pupils will be encouraged to embed the FCJ Vision values into their everyday lives.

Please see the FCJ Vision statements below;







Rewards and certificates will be based on evidence of the values above.

Form Captains

Sarah B

Olivia K

Isobelle P

Jasmine N

Wafa Z

Charlotte J

Vice Captains

Katy W

Molly H

Layla A

Shenika S

Destiny O

Charlotte J

Event Coordinators

Evie S

Hope Y

Olivia N

Sophie M

Katie F

Lauren L

Year 11 Assistant Captain   

Rachael J

Diamond draw

Every half term a ‘Diamond draw takes place. Staff nominate two pupils who have ‘shone’ in their lessons. These pupils are then entered into the prize draw. Prizes each half term are £5, £10, £15 and £20 Liverpool 1 vouchers.

The winners of the Half term 4 Diamond draw are;

£20 voucher – Niamh C

£15 voucher – Lillie B

£10 voucher – Charlotte J

£5 voucher – Ceira S

Well done to the girls below who won the Liverpool 1 vouchers for the Diamond draw in Half Term 3
Evie S won the £15 voucher
Soraia M won the £20 voucher
Emily S won the £10 voucher
Zara H won the £5 voucher

FCJ pupil of the Month for February

11A Sarah B

11M Stephanie O

11R Lauren T

11S Zara W

11T Charlotte H

11J Leena S

FCJ Pupil of the Term awards for Spring:

11A Rachel F, Hannah R and Sarah B

11M Lily P, Mia E and Lilybelle C

11R Isobelle P, Olivia N and Soraia M S

11S Rhea D, Ciara E and Georgia B

11T Sophie R, Niamh C and Shabanna M

11J Emma Q, Rachael J and Charlotte J

Assistant Head of Year Award – Georgia B

Head of Year Award – Niamh C

Assistant Headteacher Award – Hope Y

Congratulations to the girls below for their nominations as FCJ Pupil of the Term in the Autumn term
11A Lucy W, Shanay M and Modestia B
11M Emily B, Gabrielle O-L and Jessica H
11R Isobelle P, Layla A Y and Evie S
11S Olivia W, Catherine P and Kate L
11T Niamh C, Meredith C, and Antonia W
11J Emma Q, Karla W and Amelia J

Head of Year prize – Olivia N

Assistant Head of Year Prize -Rachael J

Assistant Headteacher prize – Sophie R


Every term a ‘Dominos’ pizza praise lunch takes place for those who have excellent attendance or those who have shown great improvements.

Charity work

This Half Term 11M and 11R are leading our charity work. Charity to be confirmed.

Important Dates for Year 11

Sixth form application deadline- 9th February 2018

First GCSE external exam  – 14th May 2018















Net Book draw







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