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Year 10 Group Notices

Our year theme is based on  ‘Blossom and Bloom’.  We believe that every Year 10 pupil will blossom into mature young ladies during the transition from KS3 to KS4. Each pupil will bloom in their own individual way and this will be recognised and rewarded inregular assemblies.

Year 10 is a very important year for the pupils as they begin their GCSEs and prepare for their examinations. The Year 10 pastoral team will support and encourage pupils during this transition.

Attendance is a focus for Year 10 and they must understand how any absences can affect their GCSE grades. Attendance is very important and rewards will be given to pupils with excellent attendance over the course of the year.

Year 10 Positions of Responsibility

Form Captains

10A – Nourhan R

10M – Annie D

10R – Huda G

10S – Emily M

10T – Tahira F

10J – Ellie-Jay G


Vice Captains

10A – Sarah R

10M – Annie D

10R – Paris G

10S – Katlyn A

10T – Sufia E

10J – Paige D


SV Rep/Events Co-Ordinator

10A – Hope H

10M – Niamh D

10R – Nawar N

10S –  Zoe W

10T – Mia B

10J – Samia S



Each month

  • Pupil of the month certificates and prizes


Each half term

  • Pupils who have ‘blossomed and bloomed’ during the half term


Each term

  • Form reward (pupils have asked for this during student voice)
  • Attendance reward

Pupils are regularly asked during student voice which particular rewards they would like and this is yet to be confirmed.

Important Dates for Year 10

  • Work experience Monday 21st January – Friday 1st February 2019
  • Year 10 mock exams start- Monday 29th April 2019
  • Parents’ Evening – Thursday 20th June 2019

Charity Work

This Half Term 10R are leading our charity work. Charity to be confirmed.


This will be a key focus for Year 10 as in all years. Throughout the year we will have reward lunches and prizes for pupils with 100% attendance and the most improved attendance.



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