The Governing Board


Sister Jo Grainger FCJ    (1st June 2020) Appointed by Trustees
Sister Brenda Wallace FCJ    (1st June 2020) Appointed by Trustees
Mrs Pamela Thornton, Chair of Governors,   Appointed by Trustees


known as Governors at Bellerive FCJ Catholic College

Mrs Maria Branigan (appointed by members 01/03/2018)
Mrs Debbie Chesters (appointed by members 20/10/2019)
Mrs Pamela Green (appointed by members 01/09/2016)
Mrs Eileen Quinn (appointed by members 01/09/2016)
Mr Michael Kennedy (appointed by members 01/10/2019)
Miss Clare Whittington-Egan (appointed by members) Resigned 12/09/2019)
Mrs Patricia Young (appointed by members 01/11/2018)
Vacancy x 1
Mrs Louisa Allerston (Staff) (31st August 2020)
Ms Annette Jamieson-Lawson (Elected by parents 01/09/2017)
Mrs Karen Vives (Parent) (Elected by parents 01/10/2018)
Mrs Niamh Howlett (Headteacher)

Clerk to the Governing Body

Mrs Clare Brennan

Register of Pecuniary Interests

Sr Jo Grainger is a Governor at Gumley House Convent School, Isleworth

Mrs Pamela Green is a Governor at St Anselms College, Birkenhead

Sr Brenda Wallace is a Governor at Marie Fidelis Catholic School, London

Miss Clare Whittington Egan is a Governor at Liverpool Hope University

Mrs Patricia Young is a Governor at Upton Hall School, Birkenhead


Governors’ Attendance at Meetings

Please click on the link below to see Governors’ attendance at meetings:

Governors’ Attendance at Meetings 2018-2019

Governors’ Attendance at Meetings 2017-2018


Finance, Staffing and Audit Committee

Mrs Eileen Quinn (Chair)
Mrs Maria Branigan
Mrs Debbie Chesters
Sr Jo Grainger
Mrs Pamela Green
Mr Michael Kennedy
Mrs Pamela Thornton
Mrs Niamh Howlett (HT)

Capital Works/Building Developments/H&S Committee

Mrs D Chesters
Sr Jo Grainger
Mrs Pamela Green
Mrs Niamh Howlett
Mrs Eileen Quinn
Mrs Pamela Thornton

Curriculum and Standards

Mrs Pamela Green (Chair)
Mrs Annette Jamieson-Lawson
Mr M Kennedy
Mrs Pamela Thornton
Mrs Patricia Young
Mrs Niamh Howlett (HT)
Mr P McMenamin (DHT)

Student & Staff Welfare and Development Committee

Mrs M Branigan (Chair)
Mrs P Thornton
Mrs K Vives
Mrs N Howlett (HT)
Mr P Taylor (DHT)
Mrs J Westwood (DHT)

 Discipline Committee (Staff & Pupils)

Committee to be composed of 3 members, to be convened as required, according to need/circumstances.

Appeals Committee

Committee to be composed of 3 members, to be convened as required, according to need/circumstances.

Admissions Committee

Mrs Pamela Thornton (Chair)
Mrs P Green
Mrs P Young
Mrs N Howlett (HT)

Departmental Link Governors

Bellerive has a Link Governor system where Governors have volunteered to be assigned to a specific curriculum area of the school. This enables effective lines of communication to be established and maintained between the curriculum and the Governing Body.

Design & Technology – Mrs K Vives
English Department – Sr B Wallace
Humanities – Mrs P Green
ICT/Business – Mrs M Branigan
Maths Department – Mrs P Young
MFL – Mrs P Thornton
Music – Sr Jo Grainger
PE – Mrs P Green
PSHE – Sr Jo Grainger
Pupil Premium –Sr Jo Grainger
RE/Chaplaincy – Sr B Wallace
Safeguarding – Mrs P Green/Mrs K Vives
Science – Mr M Kennedy
SEN – Mrs A Jamieson-Lawson/Mrs D Chesters
Sixth Form – Mrs P Thornton

Company Secretary

Mrs Pamela Thornton

 Scheme of Delegation – Financial Powers at Bellerive
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