Charging - Bellerive School


Governors’ policy on charging and the remision of charges

Remission Policy

The school will not charge for any of the following:

  1. Admission to the school.
  2. Activities taking place during school hours, excluding the mid-day break. This does not necessarily apply to instrumental music lessons where a charge may be levied.
  3. Books, stationery, instruments and materials where these are to be used in connection with education during school hours. [Pupils do provide themselves with pens, pencils, rulers, rubbers etc and a calculator].
  4. Transport between school and any place that is visited as part of the school timetable e.g. swimming baths, sports centres.
  5. Entry fees for a first attempt at any prescribed public examination for which the pupil has been prepared in school and where the pupil has met the requirements of the exam.

Charging Policy

The School may charge for the following:

  1. Items made for the pupils in Food Technology, Textiles, and Design etc according to normal practice, if the items are to be taken home.
  2. Optional extras outside school hours. These may include travel and lodging etc.
  3. Board and lodging in ALL cases where a school activity involves pupils residing away from home. If the residential visit is during school hours or part of a prescribed course, pupils whose parents are in receipt of income support will not normally be charged for board and lodging [LEA policy will apply].
  4. Examination fees where the examination is outside the system of those with statutory approval or when the school does not provide tuition.
  5. Recovery of examination fees if the pupil fails to complete work or does not attend a public examination. Fees for re-sits will be charged except in exceptional circumstances.
  6. Individual or group musical instrumental tuition (which is not part of the full school curriculum) with prior knowledge of the pupil’s parents.
  7. Replacements for breakages, defaced, damaged or lost books or equipment where this is a result of the pupil’s behaviour.
  8. The school will rely on voluntary contributions for various activities, but will not disadvantage any pupil because parents are unable to make a voluntary contribution. However, the school will have the right to cancel any advertised activity if there are insignificant voluntary contributions to cover the cost of that activity.
  9. Pupil premium is used by Bellerive FCJ to ensure that students who are in receipt of pupil premium are given every possible opportunity to achieve the highest possible examination results.


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