2015 Reunion - Bellerive School

2015 Reunion

2015 Reunion

On a sunny Sunday afternoon (June 7th) a number of staff and about 40 pupils volunteered to help make some special guests to the school feel very welcome. A reunion was held for former Bellerive students and teachers in which ‘old girls’ from the 1930s, 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, 70’s 80’s 90’s and 00’s had gathered from as far away as the USA and Australia to meet up with one another as they walked around the school and reminisced about the best years of their lives.

Stories of life in Bellerive ‘in those days’ were shared, some humorous, some less so, but all with great sentiment. The corridors were filled with laughter and companionship as our guests re-lived their past, reminding one another of the bonds they shared and the memories of a place that has been kept very close to their hearts, in some cases, for well over half a century.

While taking great delight in their memories being re-awoken as they entered familiar classrooms, many expressed openly their delight at seeing the new buildings that had sprung up since their own school days. Even more emphatic were their glowing accounts in their praise of the pupils they met who were such great ambassadors for the school as they acted as welcomers and guides to our guests. The only slight concern on an otherwise perfect day was the fact that so many of our pupils came into school the following day with stories of some of the antics and pranks that many of our guests had told them they had got up to, (presumably in the years before the introduction of school health and safety regulations!)


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