Support for parents - Bellerive School
Online courses for parents on mental health and well-being provided by CAMHS:
These sessions cover a range of mental health issues which impact on children, young people and their families such as cyberbullyingresilience and voices of young people in mental health which will look at:

  • Concerns of young people around mental health support.
  • How to improve young people’s participation in mental health support.
  • How to support young people around mental health and Covid-19 concerns.

The sessions will last between 20-60 minutes and will be delivered via the video-calling tool, Zoom, to groups of people at various times of the day and evening. Parents and members of the children and young people’s workforce are invited to take part in these sessions together.

The sessions are part of the Liverpool CAMHS Covid-19 response, supporting early intervention and resilience-building.

New events coming up in July include:

16th July Attachment 11 am Book here 
20th July Managing child’s worry 11 am Book here 
22nd July Embracing Uncertainty 3 pm Book here
27th July Understanding your teenagers worry 11 am Book here 
30th July Embracing uncertainty 6 pm Book here 

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