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Dear students, parents and carers,

 We hope this message finds you and your families in good health and in good spirits.  Given the continuation of the government restrictions, school remains closed for the vast majority of children until further notice.

We are working on the assumption that school may be closed to the vast majority of students for a large part of the summer term. We do not have any insider information but it is best to have a plan in place to cover the next half-term or thereabouts.

We are conscious of the potential limitations our students have in regards to IT access, printing and suitable work areas in which to study effectively.  We are also aware of the ongoing unpredictability in our families around their health status, caring responsibilities and other forms of vulnerability. We know that it is unrealistic to expect every student to stick to a rigid school timetable and we understand that parents will do all they feel is reasonable to support learning at home.

Equally, we are conscious of the pressures our teaching and support staff have in terms of their own families, in terms of childcare and supporting their wider family circles.

Guiding principles

As an FCJ school, our core values remain at the forefront of our minds and these will be our touchstone in all that we do on behalf of our young people and the way we ask staff to work at this highly unusual time. We want to do all we can to provide all students with work which factors in the issues raised above to ensure all students can maximise their academic potential whilst remote from school.

The main route for accessing work will remain Show My Homework.  This can be accessed via the school website ( by clicking the Show My Homework icon in the top right corner of the home page. Additional resources can be access via and .  Students can contact their teachers via the school email system.

Please see below for our specific plans for each year group:

Year 7-9

Feedback thus far would indicate that students have coped well with the type of activities set via Show My Homework.  This approach will continue with the recommendation that staff should set work on a weekly basis, commensurate with the amount of time they would expect to see that pupil for during the normal working week.

Consideration maybe given to setting project tasks which are more open ended and thus have a longer time frame for completion.  Teachers have been asked to ensure that they continue to cover the planned curriculum in setting work remotely.

Year 10

Year 10 have also engaged well with lessons.  Work will continue to be set via Show My Homework to cover the GCSE syllabus for each subject until further notice.  The same principle applies for Year 10 in terms of the volume of work as for other year groups in that the amount set should be commensurate with the lesson time for that subject in the week in question.

The Y10 internal summer examinations were due to be completed in late April/early May.  Y10 students in all subjects will be asked to complete a review of progress task in lieu of the summer examinations.  The exact nature of this task is in the hands of individual subjects but should allow students to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of the course so far.  It is anticipated that this task will be shared with students w/c 18th May for completion by the end of w/c 1st June.

These will not be examination tasks and students can use notes/handouts etc to help in completing the tasks.

Year 11

Year 11 have been made aware that no GCSE examinations will take place but also that they will be awarded GCSE grades . Therefore, work needs to continue on the GCSE courses in the interests of continuity but also to ensure students are best prepared for post 16 courses across a range of subjects. Therefore, work will be set for Y11 based on their GCSE courses up to what would have been the start of public examinations on Monday 11th May.

From this point, students will be set ‘transition’ projects and activities for A level/BTEC subjects.  Students will be asked to complete a transition task for no more than 5 subjects to ensure they are in a position to make the most informed choice for A level/BTEC courses when the time comes. These tasks will be set and completed in early June.

Year 12

Year 12 are in the middle of their A level/BTEC courses and would have expected to have completed internal summer examinations if school had remained open.  Added to this is the need to ensure UCAS preparation can begin, whilst continuing to make progress through the content of the syllabus for each subject.

Work will be set after Easter on the same basis as for other year groups as outlined above.  However, from w/c 18th  May and 1st June, work will be set which is summative in nature to prepare students for review of progress tasks to be completed during w/c 8th June.

Year 13

 As with Year 11, syllabus completion is key here to ensure students are best placed when they begin higher education in the autumn term.  Work should continue to be set up until the point where study leave would have been taken by Year 13 ( Friday 15th May).


As with all recent plans, these are subject to rapid change as the national and worldwide situation develops.  We believe that these guidelines offer some certainty to staff, parents and students in order to best utilise their time whilst we learn in this unconventional way.

As a school we are aware that when we reopen there will need to be a period of readjustment to establish exactly where students are in terms of coverage of their courses and overall progress within each course.

If parents are concerned about the work being set, access to Show My Homework or any other aspects of these arrangements, please email

We look forward to welcoming all our students back to school as soon as it is safe to do so.


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