During a recent Religious Education unit 7R were learning about the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. As a conclusion to the topic pupils made Easter Gardens in lesson.

Jessica said, “In class, each table was split up into groups to create our own Easter Gardens. We used cardboard boxes, soil, stones, twigs, paper and plastic cups. The cups represented Jesus’ tomb where he was laid before being resurrected. The twigs were snapped to make crosses, like the one Jesus was crucified on. The green pieces of paper were ripped up and used as grass to remind us of new life. The soil was used as group of the garden and so were the stones – both of these materials added texture to the final piece. The gardens we designed symbolised Jesus’ resurrection and new life.

Our group really enjoyed making our Easter Garden, and so did everyone else. In this lesson, we learnt that Jesus died on the cross for us, so that we could be free from sin and have a fresh start in our relationship with God : Our friend.”

Class teacher Mr Shelton said, “It was amazing to see how the pupils applied their learning to this task and the creative approaches that they gave to this opportunity. Leading up to Eastertide it was lovely to see an activity which is often reflected in our churches come to life in the classroom.”

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