Mr. McBurney took a group of Bellerive Year 9 students to The King’s school in Chester, where they participated in a programme of bespoke university style lectures and debates as part of the extremely popular ‘Junior Stretch and Challenge’ activities for Key Stage 3 students.

Students learnt about many topics including genetics, epigenetics and transhumanism. They were able to debate passionately and interact with other students from many different schools across the northwest.

The day was a very useful experience for the students as they were able to reflect on the ethical and moral arguments behind many aspects of scientific advancements and evaluate the varied impacts this has on society and future generations.

Our girls gave a very good account of themselves by articulating a clear presentation of their ideas and personal views, whilst supporting their considered ideas with evidence and reasoned argument. This event has allowed the girls to develop their confidence and oracy skills by presenting in front of their peers and everyone thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

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