Faith in Action visit to Stonyhurst College - Bellerive School

Our Faith in Action group had the privilege of visiting Stonyhurst College recently.  Stonyhurst College is a Jesuit school and shares a common Ignatian spirituality.  Some of our students have written about their experiences:

Hogwarts would be jealous of the school we recently visited, Stonyhurst College. The landscape was beautiful. As we drove up the drive, the school building filled up the whole view out of the front windscreen with it’s fascinating gothic architecture.

When we arrived, we were greeted and felt extremely welcome. We had a tour around the school and visited two of the three libraries, which Miss Gillen obviously enjoyed. We also visited one of the many chapels, that Abena sang in, which would have made Ms Winstanley very proud.

Prior to lunch we visited the school gardens, they were huge and filled with beautiful flowers that can be seen in one of Grace’s many fabulous photos. For lunch, there were many options, including duck and vegetarian lasagne. No wonder it is so expensive! Once lunch was finished we toured the in school museum. Which included a human eye and Elizabeth of York’s velvet prayer book, she had even signed her full name inside! Also, a thorn from Jesus’ actual crown of thorns was exhibited in the museum. The school also had Arthur Conan Doyle’s desk, in which he had inscribed his name into. While in school, he was bullied by a boy called Moriarty and his friend in school was called Watson, we saw all the names engraved in their desks. How awesome is that! We ended our visit with an examen, an Ignatian prayer. We really enjoyed the visit to Stonyhurst college, and hope we can go again.

Jess C, Grace N, Abena Q and Jouvitha J

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