The Key Stage 3 Geography Club thoroughly enjoyed their day out to the Liverpool museums recently.  The day began in the Maritime Museum.  The photograph shows part of an interactive talk we attended; the pupils learnt all about sea travel, ranging from the diet of a sailor who travelled the seas 200 years ago, to how they unloaded their cargo into the Albert Dock warehouses.  We then had a chance to explore the displays.  They enjoyed dressing up in the costumes similar to those passengers on board the Titanic.  After an all-important visit to the shop, we then attended a talk on migration in the Liverpool Museum; the pupils had a chance to empathise with the situation faced by refuges having to flee their homes in danger, making difficult decisions about what they should take with them.

The Geography Club continues to prove population with pupils from Years 7 and 8.  So far this year we have made beautiful 3D coral reefs and have decorated Aboriginal artwork; we are currently making 3D deserts, complete with pipe cleaner snakes and other reptiles!

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